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Gastroenterologist in Pune - Dr. Nachiket Dubale

Gastroenterologist in Pune

Dr. Nachiket Dubale is a great remarkable Gastroenterologist in Pune having huge concern in dealing with every Gastrointestinal issue like Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases and so forth. He is having enormous contribution in performing analytic and therapeutic enteroscopy. His region of interests are UpperEndoscopy, pancreatolgy and little inside illnesses Gastroenterology, Colonoscopy, Therapeutic GI Endoscopy/ERCP, Sigmoidoscopy.

We will likely assist you with achieving your best gastrointestinal wellbeing. Our Gastroenterologist give their vitality checking out comprehend your questions and responding with the best options treatment for you. With the help of our master staff, they in like manner follow up to guarantee that your gastrointestinal prosperity makes walk.

We require our patients to be educated about their stomach related issues and there medications, in brilliance of the way that very much educated patients resolve on better decisions about their wellbeing and thriving. That is the reason we've incorporated a zone on this site covering ordinary subjects related with gastroenterology and endoscopic systems. We encourage you to look through these pages at whatever point you have an interest or concern related to your stomach related solace.

Varad Clinic and Endoscopy Center is committed to giving far reaching concern to avoidance, determination and medications for patients with gastrointestinal disarranges.

Diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract, which joins the organs from mouth to rear-end, along the nutritious trench, are the point of convergence of this Specialty. Hepatology, or hepatobiliary remedy, joins the examination of the liver, pancreas, and biliary tree, and is a sub-Specialty of Gastroenterology.

Our Facilities

"Esophago - Gastro - Duodenoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, Colonoscopy (Adult & Paediatric).

For diagnosis of Malignancy , Tuberculosis etc.

Foreign body removal.

Esophageal stricture dilation for corrosive, peptic stricture.

Endoscopic endoprosthesis for Esophagus, colon & Biliary strictures."

Dr. Nachiket Avinash Dubale
Address: Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital
Telephone: +(91)-9021133704
Timing: By Appointment Only

Telephone: +(91)-9021133704
Timing: EVERYDAY 9 AM TO 11 AM
Email: drnachi@yahoo.co.in
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